Garden Wall

This Grade II listed garden wall is situated in the grounds of a large private estate on the outskirts of Plymouth. It was probably constructed during the early 1740’s at the same time the main house itself was built. Our team of stonemasons have been on site for several weeks now carrying out much needed repairs to this 275 year old wall and they are about halfway through the work. Now that a scaffold has been erected it will enable us to carry out work to the higher levels of the wall as its height stands at just over 13 feet. A new slate coping will be going back on top of this 130 foot length of walling.

As the work continues, we’ll keep you updated.


Old Tin Mine Chimney

This old stone chimney stack is a relic from our tin mining heritage and it’s perched on the crest of a hill in an isolated, overgrown patch of rural Devon countryside. We have been invited to take a look at it and determine what repair work needs to be undertaken. We don’t know much about its history as of yet but records of mining here go back as far as the early 1700’s so we imagine it has been standing for about 300 years. Once a specification has been approved work will hopefully start early next year and we’ll be able to tell you a lot more about it.

Watch this space!